I'M HEATHER, NICE TO MEET YOU! I AM your untraditional, adventurous PHOTOGRAPHER, STORYTELLER, WIFE + MOM BASED IN Northern California, specializing in intimate weddings, couples, and personal branding.

I have a love for adventure, the outdoors, and travel - take me to the mountains, the beach, a new city, or even just a coffee shop I've never been to. I am HERE for all of it. I enjoy really good books that I can get lost in, hiking, and I am a true crime junkie to my core. If I could envision a perfect weekend, it would involve all 3 of those. Let's be friends!

Photography has been a long time passion of mine. Particularly, capturing someone's unique love story and translating it into beautiful images in epic, jaw dropping locations. I encourage my clients to lean towards adventure for their sessions with me!

Not only am I your photographer, I am your storyteller. I crave creating images that capture rawness and authenticity in relationships, and the uniqueness of each individual brand. I take the time to get to know my clients and learn what makes you YOU - because that is where the magic happens.

Thanks for reading a bit about me - now I want to get to know YOU! Let's meet for coffee, plan a date, and travel somewhere amazing to tell your story through my lens!

xoxo, heather