Hello + Welcome

I'm Heather -

Boy mama x2
Photographer specializing in the "unposed"

Located in Northern California, I specialize in families, maternity, and lifestyle. I take a documentary style approach during your session - meaning, I aim to capture all of the in-between & otherwise missed moments. While we will always get that perfect photo with everyone smiling at the camera, I put more focus on the sweet looks between mom and dad, the way a newborn holds on tightly to his mama's finger, the goofy toddler grins...I want the families I work with to be able to look back and cherish it all, their family as they were in that exact moment in time. I create art that tells a story and gives the viewer a feeling, not just a beautiful image.

I aim to provide a fun, comfortable environment for families in front of the camera, because let's be real - it can be intimidating for adults, daunting with littles, and even seem a little chaotic. BUT. Just come as you are, and I will handle the rest. Promise.